Causes of female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a common sexual problem among women at different times of their lives. The prevailing beliefs that it only affects women at the age of menopause no longer hold true as many younger women are affected by this problem as well. There are many factors that can contribute to this disorder. Sexual dysfunction can result from other illnesses and diseases. Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis can affect the female‚Äôs desire for sex. Arthritis, headaches, difficulties related to the bowels or urinary tracts can also contribute to the problem. Another major problem is dyspareunia or painful sexual intercourse. This is generally caused by lack of lubrication fluids or problems with the ovaries and pelvic areas. Some medications also cause female sexual dysfunction. Medications taken for chemotherapy, depression and blood pressure are known to have been the cause of this problem by reducing the sex drive. Another cause is hormonal problems which … [Read more...]

Female Enhancement Pills

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects many females at different times in their lives. Some of the problems may only be temporary while others may last for a longer period, may be for a lifetime in the case of some women. In these times of crises only an understanding and caring partner will help the woman to go through these sexual struggles. Sexual enhancement products for men have always been available but the idea that women can also benefit from these products is relatively new. There are a number of female enhancement pills on the market that can offer some temporary as well as permanent relief. Most of the female enhancement pills that are available on the market are made from herbal extracts. They are considered to be safer and with minimum side effects because they are not made of chemicals. They contain ingredients that help to enhance and improve the female sexual performance. The herbs and natural substances that they contain are known for their cure and assistance … [Read more...]