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hersolution and menopausal

Clarissa Hartman, Henderson, Nevada(Posted September 2010) I have been with my husband for more than 15 years now. Things have been great with us throughout the years but after I had gone through menopausal, things got a bit crazy. I haven’t been able to satisfy my husband sexually because I was either not in the mood or I was too tired for it. My husband is really active sexually and I’m afraid that he might look for other women if he wasn’t going to be satisfied with me physically. I got so troubled about this that I ended up consulting my doctor. She introduced me to Hersolution and told me that she was also using the product herself. She also said that the ingredients used in making Hersolution are of high standards and are all-natural so it is safe to use. And I thought that if it was recommended by a doctor then it should be very effective. So I decided to try it out hoping that it would help me out. It actually worked on me and my husband loves it. We have rekindled the … [Read more...]

hersolution 180 day money back guarantee

Suzette Fry, Fargo, North Dakota(Posted September 2010) What I like best about Hersolution is the fact that they offer a 180 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with their product. It’s good to know that you will be able to return empty containers or unused ones for a full refund in the allotted period of time. This only shows how much confidence the people behind Hersolution have for their product. I have been using this product for 90 days now and everything has been great. This product has done wonders for my sex life. Before I ever used this product, my husband and I had sex for only twice or at least once a week because I didn’t have enough energy and interest to do so. I always heard my husband complain that I didn’t have enough time for him anymore. I thought that we would have relationship problems because this. I was so desperate to find something to help me with my sex drive that I ended up trying different female sex enhancement products, from … [Read more...]

I’m not that young but hersolution help me

Jeannie Berry, Keene, New Hampshire (Posted September 2010) I’m not that young anymore and my age is starting to give me some problems with my sex life. Over the years my husband has been constantly complaining about my lack of appetite for sex. It’s amazing for me to know that my husband, though he’s 4 years older than I am, has not shown any signs yet ofIt has really been bothering me these past few years because I don’t want my husband to feel that I’m not interested in doing it with him anymore. Don’t get me wrong because I love my husband. It’s just that I’ve been feeling a bit pressured especially when I am intimate with my husband. I don’t know, I just feel tired right away. Then one of my favorite cousins from New York came over to visit one holiday. She told me about this amazing product called Hersolution which she claims helped her a lot with dealing with her menopausal sex life with her husband. By the way, she is 3 1/2 years older than I am but these … [Read more...]