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Causes of female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a common sexual problem among women at different times of their lives. The prevailing beliefs that it only affects women at the age of menopause no longer hold true as many younger women are affected by this problem as well. There are many factors that can contribute to this disorder. Sexual dysfunction can result from other illnesses and diseases. Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis can affect the female’s desire for sex. Arthritis, headaches, difficulties related to the bowels or urinary tracts can also contribute to the problem. Another major problem is dyspareunia or painful sexual intercourse. This is generally caused by lack of lubrication fluids or problems with the ovaries and pelvic areas. Some medications also cause female sexual dysfunction. Medications taken for chemotherapy, depression and blood pressure are known to have been the cause of this problem by reducing the sex drive. Another cause is hormonal problems which … [Read more...]

Female Enhancement Creams

There are many women who are not particularly fond of taking pills and capsules. There are many female enhancers that are available in pill form but there is also an increasing number of these products on the market that are available as creams. They are becoming popular for their convenience and how easy and comfortable they make the woman feels. They create the same effects as other female enhancement products. Many of these creams contain herbal and natural ingredients so there are few or no side effects. These creams are known to activate lubrication fluids but they also have more benefits. They increase the desire for sex and they help the woman to experience orgasms. The main ingredients in many of these enhancement creams help to increase the flow of blood to the genital area. L-arginine is a basic ingredient in many of these creams. This is an amino acid that is used to produce nitric oxide which helps to relax the blood vessels. This allows the female to experience … [Read more...]

Female Enhancement Gels

Female sexual problems can range from lack of desire for sex to vaginal dryness. There are some problems that are caused from physical aspects such as illnesses, medications, childbirth and menopause while others are the result of problems of a psychological or emotional nature. Many women find that when they are going through stressful situations they lose the desire for sex. They are not easily aroused and there is little or no response to stimulation. Depression can also lead to a loss of sexual desire. In some cases female sexual problems are manifested in vaginal dryness. Although it can affect women at any age it is fairly common during and after menopause. This usually results in extremely painful intercourse. Female enhancement gels are available to alleviate this problem. Female enhancement gels are the preferred enhancement product for many women. They act as lubricants but they are also known for spicing up the entire sex life of the woman as well. They are applied to the … [Read more...]

Female Enhancement Pills

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects many females at different times in their lives. Some of the problems may only be temporary while others may last for a longer period, may be for a lifetime in the case of some women. In these times of crises only an understanding and caring partner will help the woman to go through these sexual struggles. Sexual enhancement products for men have always been available but the idea that women can also benefit from these products is relatively new. There are a number of female enhancement pills on the market that can offer some temporary as well as permanent relief. Most of the female enhancement pills that are available on the market are made from herbal extracts. They are considered to be safer and with minimum side effects because they are not made of chemicals. They contain ingredients that help to enhance and improve the female sexual performance. The herbs and natural substances that they contain are known for their cure and assistance … [Read more...]

Treating the effects of menopause with female enhancers

Menopause can be very a discomforting period in a woman’s life. In addition to the physical changes menopause also can cause many conflicts between a woman and her partner. Loss of sexual desire is one of those factors that lead to these conflicts. The reduced desire can be due to the decrease in levels of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. These play a vital part in sexual desire and satisfaction. There are a number of female enhancers that can be used to treat the effects of menopause. Topical lubricants are very effective in helping the increase of the sex drive. The lubricating qualities help to reduce the pain that is caused from vaginal dryness as well as increase the pleasure. The results from the topical lubricants are almost immediate. After applying it brings about a warming and tingling sensation which is followed by an increase in lubrication fluids. These actions will consequently heighten the sexual desire. Another type of female enhancer that can help … [Read more...]

3 Female Sexual Enhancement Products

Women like to have a good time with their partners. There are many circumstances, however, such as hormonal changes that can reduce the sex drive or the ensuing pleasure. Thankfully those days can now be a thing of the past. With the increasing numbers of female sexual enhancement products on the market women have lots of help in experiencing that tantalizing feeling. Provestra is made from a number of herbs and aphrodisiacs. It works on the reproductive system. It brings balance to the body and recaptures the woman’s sexual appetite. Many women claim that after using the product for seven days they experience body arousal, increase in vaginal lubrication, an increase in sexual desire and pleasurable thoughts about sex. Provestra also helps to lighten the menstrual flow and reduce hot flashes. Sylk is a natural lubricant that helps to put women in the mood. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness as a result of menopause or other hormonal imbalance. Sylk is made from extract of … [Read more...]

Buying Female Enhancement Products Online

Female enhancement products have become popular because many women experience sexual problems at one time or another during their lifetime. The idea that sexual problems only occur to women during menopause is no longer the belief of a majority of women. Since there are many reasons for sexual dysfunction it means that it can happen to any woman regardless of age, cultural or socio-economic background. As with many things pertaining to sex some women may be shy to buy female sexual enhancement products in a pharmacy or local store. Thankfully these products are available online where the woman can purchase them from the comfort of her home. These products do not require a prescription but it is advised that medical consultation be sought before making the final purchase. There is an abundance of websites online that claim to have the solution for every female sexual dysfunction. The buyer should be aware of these claims and do a thorough research before purchasing. Firstly the woman … [Read more...]

Benefits of Female Enhancement Products

Gone are the days when women used to suffer in silence after experiencing sexual problems. The modern woman has a lot of female enhancers to choose from. She can select from among the many pills, creams and gels that are designed to help the woman deal effectively with her sexual problems. This can be some trying times in the life of a woman as they can lead to embarrassing situations and create many problems in her relationships. The manufacturing of so many female enhancement products have prompted research into identifying the benefits of these products. The lack of sexual desire is a common problem among women. This can be resulting from many different situations in her life such as stress, anxiety, work, bad relationships. Many female enhancement products help to alleviate this problem. They contain ingredients that help the woman to increase sexual arousal. An increase in sexual arousal will automatically lead to an improvement in other related areas. Many enhancement … [Read more...]

3 Natural Female Enhancers

Many women avoid taking female enhancers because of the possible side effects. Now there are many products on the market that are made from herbal or other natural ingredients. They carry out the same function that other non herbal enhancers do because of the choice of natural ingredients that are used. MacaActive is a female enhancer that is made from a vegetable which is related to the potato family. This tuber flourishes in the Andean region of Peru. The vegetable produces testosterone, progesterone and estrogen naturally. MacaActive stimulates the pituitary and endocrine glands which leads to an increase of the female’s hormonal production. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause like night sweats and hot flashes. It also increases fertility. The supplement is available in pill form. HerSolution is another female enhancer product that is made from natural ingredients. The ingredients include hop extract which works against vaginal dryness; ginkgo biloba which … [Read more...]