Female Enhancement Creams

There are many women who are not particularly fond of taking pills and capsules. There are many female enhancers that are available in pill form but there is also an increasing number of these products on the market that are available as creams. They are becoming popular for their convenience and how easy and comfortable they make the woman feels. They create the same effects as other female enhancement products. Many of these creams contain herbal and natural ingredients so there are few or no side effects.

These creams are known to activate lubrication fluids but they also have more benefits. They increase the desire for sex and they help the woman to experience orgasms. The main ingredients in many of these enhancement creams help to increase the flow of blood to the genital area. L-arginine is a basic ingredient in many of these creams. This is an amino acid that is used to produce nitric oxide which helps to relax the blood vessels. This allows the female to experience sensitivity in the genital area. A large number of female enhancement creams also has peppermint and menthol among their main ingredients. These substances help to provide a tingling sensation after the cream has been applied. They also cause an improvement in blood flow. Menthol and peppermint also have a pleasant odor. Some of the other ingredients which may be present in these creams are niacin and primrose oil. They also help in the blood flow as well as sensation.

Female enhancement creams are used at the time of the sexual act. They are known to work very quickly. As soon as the cream is applied to the clitoris the woman normally experiences the benefits right on the spot. There are several enhancement creams that have become very popular. Among these are femore, vigorelle and valentra.