Female Enhancement Gels

Female sexual problems can range from lack of desire for sex to vaginal dryness. There are some problems that are caused from physical aspects such as illnesses, medications, childbirth and menopause while others are the result of problems of a psychological or emotional nature. Many women find that when they are going through stressful situations they lose the desire for sex. They are not easily aroused and there is little or no response to stimulation. Depression can also lead to a loss of sexual desire. In some cases female sexual problems are manifested in vaginal dryness. Although it can affect women at any age it is fairly common during and after menopause. This usually results in extremely painful intercourse. Female enhancement gels are available to alleviate this problem.

Female enhancement gels are the preferred enhancement product for many women. They act as lubricants but they are also known for spicing up the entire sex life of the woman as well. They are applied to the vagina and they leave a cool tingling sensation. One of the advantages of the enhancement gel is that there is nothing to clean up like what is possible with other lubricants. It goes on easily and smoothly without leaving any grease. Gels are also ideal for women who are on other types of medication that would normally interfere with enhancement pills.

The majority of these gels contain natural ingredients. These will protect against any harsh reactions to the body or any other side effects. Some of the ingredients that are used in these enhancement gels include L-arginine, cocoa butter, aloe vera extract, shea butter, coleus barbatus and vitamins. These ingredients help to increase the flow of lubrication fluids as well as to stimulate sexual desire. Some the commonest enhancement gels include HerSolution gel and lyriana.