hersolution and menopausal

Clarissa Hartman, Henderson, Nevada(Posted September 2010)

I have been with my husband for more than 15 years now. Things have been great with us throughout the years but after I had gone through menopausal, things got a bit crazy. I haven’t been able to satisfy my husband sexually because I was either not in the mood or I was too tired for it. My husband is really active sexually and I’m afraid that he might look for other women if he wasn’t going to be satisfied with me physically. I got so troubled about this that I ended up consulting my doctor. She introduced me to Hersolution and told me that she was also using the product herself. She also said that the ingredients used in making Hersolution are of high standards and are all-natural so it is safe to use. And I thought that if it was recommended by a doctor then it should be very effective. So I decided to try it out hoping that it would help me out. It actually worked on me and my husband loves it. We have rekindled the passion we once shared over the last 15 years thanks to Hersolution.

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